Thursday, July 8, 2010

John Daly (Boozy Arnold Palmer)

It is the making of another hot and humid Thursday afternoon here in our nation’s capitol. As such, I would like to brighten up your soon-to-be weekend with this little ditty. This cocktail is a wink at the summer favorite Arnold Palmer: half iced-tea, half lemonade. I boozed it up and drink it in honor of hard-living golfer, John Daly. I made this version with peach tea, which was quite nice, but I will probably try it with regular black tea next time. Now, when I attempt to make good iced tea, I am stepping on hallowed Thomas-Family ground. My Nanny T. was famous for her stellar iced tea and urban legend attributes that little something extra to her claim that she squished the tea bags with her feet. She was a very special lady and I think she would have appreciated a little kick in her iced tea too.
John Daly (Boozy Arnold Palmer)
12 peach tea teabags
8 cups water
2 frozen lemonades
Vodka (I used half of a medium bottle of vodka, but you can add it to your taste)
20 Mint leaves

1. Brew some strong tea by boiling 8 cups of water and adding tea bags and allow to steep for 8-10 minutes or so.
2. Allow tea to cool in refrigerator for 1-2 hours.
3. Add two frozen lemonades and stir well until all the frozen bits are totally incorporated.
4. Add vodka and mint and stir well.
5. I served this similar to the way I served my sangria. I put it in my stock pot and served ice on the side so that people could make their own.
6. They were delicious!


  1. Best. Drink. Ever.

    Emily and I had so many of these we ended up taking this photo together:

  2. Why did I think that this was going to be a real, nice picture of us? Naughty Josh. That is very NSFW.