Tuesday, August 24, 2010

SOS - Save Our Sauca

SOS - Save Our Sauca

My Wednesday ritual typically includes sauntering over to 1 Mass Ave, NW to get my weekly Sauca fix. The delicious wraps are the best lunch in DC. I am also a huge supporter of all food that come to me so that I need to do minimal physical activity to get to it. I am particularly interested in trying the new lobster truck that I've heard whispers about.

I got a very troubling email from Keliane that apparently, the devious Washington DC City Council is in cahoots with some unsavory special interests that are conspiring to rob us of our precious Sauca and all other food trucks. I already sent the text below to Helder.Gil@dc.gov and if you love delicious lunches and hate mindless bureaucracy, you should too!!Here's a draft of what it could say, but certainly feel free to use your own thoughts and language. If you're a DC resident, please say so in your email.

Subject: I Support Title 24 Chapter 5

Dear City Council,

I am writing to support the current proposed DCRA regulation Title 24 Chapter 5 that will allow mobile vendors to stay in DC and continue offering more choices and value to consumers.

Please do not allow the introduction of any discriminatory language into these regulations that would limit mobile vendors or food trucks.

Please pass the regulations as written and protect the diverse, growing and small business vending options in the city.

Thank you,

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  1. It's happening everywhere!
    My mom spotted this today.