Tuesday, October 12, 2010

deconstructing minibar - Part 3

Dessert!! It's time for dessert. Yeah, yeah, yeah! How do you end the most perfect meal you've ever tasted? Apparently, at minibar, this is not a problem. They wound us down beautifully. I started it off by ordering yet some more champagne and coffee (they said it would go well with the last desserts). Revisiting this meal has been a complete delight and I'm so glad that the chefs and my fellow dinners were gracious enough to let me photograph their work/dinner. This meal was sensational in every way and I will never forget it. Thanks to Mark for making it happen and for being the best dining companion ever. I'm one lucky lady.
The Frozen Yogurt & Honey was another nitrogen-frozen mouth trip. Almost shaved crumbles of Greek yogurt with icy honey crumbles and a fruit forward Spanish olive oil. Even though I don't have a tank of nitrogen at my house, I will be making some version of this dessert very soon.
Thai Dessert was a coconut ice cream, crumbled peanuts, and other Thai flavors. The champagne was getting to me, to be honest. I LOVED it while I was eating it, but I really can't remember exactly what else was in this beauty :)
The Mango Box was sweet and delicate. The box was made of candied mango and filled with a floral, ice cream. It was a little party in my mouth and the perfect fruit dessert. I like contrasting textures like this one with crispy shell and smooth filling.
I totally hated the "S'mores." Ick. Too sweet and kind of malty. So not my thing at all. I gave mine to Mark. Aren't I a doll?
I think that using bacon in desserts is a little bit so-two-years-ago. Even so, this Bacon and Chocolate was a tasty treat. I loved the salty bacon with the bittersweet chocolate. Divine and somehow, oddly elegant with my coffee.
It was the perfect way end this amazing meal.
The check was presented to us in what looked like a perfect white egg. Then the chef smashed it in front of us.
happy. Thanks for following along with the deconstructing minibar. I loved it so much and I'm over my fear of cooking again after that experience. I'm back in the saddle and ready for action!

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