Friday, November 5, 2010

Bloody Mary Bar

I don't mean to sound like a complete freak, but setting up a Bloody Mary bar is an easy and fun thing to have for brunch. It's not that hard to do with a little planning. You'll probably have most of the garnishes in your pantry and fridge anyway. Pick up some tomato juice, lemons, limes, and celery and you are good to go. I swear that this is not some sort of crazy endeavor - it is not hard to set up and then you can just let people have at it. I am a TERRIBLE Bloody Mary maker, but my motto is if at first you don't succeed, try, try again.
Bloody Mary Bar
Tomato Juice
Bloody Mary mix
Hot Sauce
Worcestershire Sauce
Old Bay
Lemon and Lime

1. The most important ingredient in the good British queen is actually Russian. Vodka. I slice up a jalapeno and let it steep in my vodka because I am a glutton for heartburn. It's fantastic, but plain vodka works just great. It's best if it is freezer cold so that the drink stay icy when you mix it up.
2. I like to put out both plain tomato juice and a bloody mary mix. People can be creative and make their own or they can go the quick and easy route with the mix.
3. Now we need to mix up the drink and add the garnishes. I put out all of the keys to flavoring the tomato juice: horseradish, A-1, Worcestershire, hot sauce.
4. Top it off with an olives, old bay, a lemon or lime wedge, and stir it up with a celery stick.
Sit back and let your friends do all the cocktail making work for you.
Don't forget to put on a pot of coffee because caffeine free friends can be really mean in the morning. Just look what Jane did when I forgot to give her her daily double soy extra foam cappuccino.

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