Monday, December 13, 2010

Weeknight Smashed Potatoes

These are the perfect side dish for a frantic winter weeknight. They are very flavorful and since I don't add butter, they aren't going to ruin your diet. Sour cream is the perfect addition because there is a creaminess, obviously, but the sharpness adds an interesting element that perks this dish right up. I leave on the skins (which we've already established makes everything healthy) and add the greens of a scallion for freshness. Use potatoes that are thin skinned, like Yukon Gold and Red Bliss. I had 4 little random potatoes leftover, so I used those mismatched babies and they were fantastic. This recipe made enough as a side dish for 2 with a bit leftover. The nice thing is that it is practical to make this dish for 1 or 2 people. Usually mashies are reserved for a crowd, but not any more. I served them with a roasted pork tenderloin and they were a perfect match, but it would also go nicely with chicken or beef. I hope you like them.
Weeknight Smashed Potatoes
4 medium potatoes
1 Tbs. sour cream
1 scallion
salt and pepper
1. Slice the potatoes into small pieces.
2. Boil for 15 minutes in salted water until tender and drain the water. Reserve a ladleful of the water and put the potatoes back into the warm pot.
3. Add sour cream and chopped scallion.
4. Smash up with a whisk. Add about 2 Tbs. of the water so that it smashes up nicely. You want a chunky mash, so don't worry about making it super smooth.
5. Since the water had salt in it, test the potatoes to see how much salt and pepper you need. Add those seasonings and put in a bowl to serve.


  1. This looks good and easy...a great combination.

  2. I try to make carbo-loading as easy on myself as possible :)