Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ruth's Chris Happy Hour

This is the Thursday Thurst with Jackie Carl.

So you know when you go to a great place, have awesome service, eat delicious food, and realize HH prices are like finding a hidden treasure? You want to tell EVERYBODY! You feel so glorified! Your best friends should know! This is the place to be! OK. So then you know when you go to a great place, have awesome service, eat delicious food and realize the HH prices are like finding a hidden treasure.... and want to tell NOBODY. This is your place. Your hidden gold. Well CSKers, this is a difficult entry for me. Please be selective when you divulge this classified information.

Ruth's Chris Happy Hour

So one particularly stressful day at work, I look over at my co-worker and our eyes connected like laser beams in the "it's happy hour time" kind of way. You know. So rolling through our options, she suggested martinis and rib-eye sliders at Ruth's Chris. I pretty much laughed at the fact of thinking I would be so classy to afford... or even go to... a happy hour at a steak house. However, my coworker and I pair like gin & tonic, so I trusted her to go. Needless to say the experience was friendly, financially and foodilicious.

The pictures I share of on my 5th visit (in 2 months) with a group of co-workers. We went on a Tuesday and it was crowded because the Caps were playing in town. However, it's normally very accessible. Ask Miss CSK herself - I had her give her blessing on the place. They have specialty HH martinis and Bombay and Grey Goose for $7. When you think of nice martinis, that is a steal. You need two (or four) and still don't feel like you need to asses the damage.

I had a Bombay Gin martini with a lime

This is the generous cosmo
and two co-workers ordered the Black Cherry martini... very smooth but for the sweet tooth.
So the best is for last. The food on this HH special is phantastic (fantastic with a "ph"). I was reeled in by the rib eye sliders and once I bit in, I was transformed. I feel asleep dreaming of them. I crave them.
Now I will tell you, I am a meat snob. I don't eat McDonalds burgers... or really anything that I don't trust. Well this is the real deal. No grit. No chewy. Just a delicious piece of meat, a bit crispy around the edges, and wonderfully juicy on the inside.
They serve it on a crispy toasted buttered bun with a horseradish creme. My mouth waters as I'm thinking about it.
This thing will make you forget your worst work days.

Of course, the other things on the menu are wonderful too. They have every thing from gourmet thai chicken wings, to a seafood sampler (seared tuna, steamed shrimp and scallops), to huge onion rings served with a sweet and sour sauce.
Happy Hour is from 4pm-7pm and house wine and beer are $6 - martinis are $7. The food ranges from $5 to $7; I believe a full burger is $6! Not only that, you get the service and atmosphere of a fine dining restaurant.

Lessons Learned: Don't tell friends of your favorite HH spot... unless you're taking a cut from the owner. Always get the sliders. Then order them again.

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