Monday, May 9, 2011

Fondue in Brugges

After a full day of sightseeing and drinking strong beers, this weary crew stumbled into a little french bistro somewhere in the twisting streets of Brugges for some much needed sustenance. We thought it would be normal bistro fare, but we were greeted with a full fledged fondue restaurant. Mark's parents both laughed and said that the last time they had fondue like this was on their honeymoon. I've never had anything other than a chocolate fountain at weddings, so I was a novice. It was so much fun to eat this way and I want to recreate it at home (even though it seemed dangerous).

There were three choices: cheese (obviously), seafood stew, or oil. Mark's dad and I shared the seafood stew and Mark and his mom got oil. The seafood stew came as a selection of raw shrimp, scallops, and hunks of salmon, tuna, and cod. Then you got a big pot of lightly boiling seafood and lobster broth. To cook your seafood, they gave you this special little wire scoop on the end of a long skewer. You dipped it into the broth for 2-3 minutes until your fish was cooked.
Everything was so tender and packed with flavor. I couldn't have loved this more. Especially since it came with heaping piles of frites.
Mark's dinner was super cool too. It came as a pile of raw beef. Music to his ears.
Then you skewer the beef and dunk it into the pot of bubbling oil until it is cooked to your liking. Mark's mom got shrimp, which also looked yummy.
Mark cooked his meat to medium rare perfection. I've never tasted such juicy, flavorful meat.
We would have been crazy not to order dessert and we are not (that) crazy. Chocolate mousse with berries in cream made me wish my mom was there because this would have been right in her wheelhouse.
Profiterole with vanilla ice cream and caramel was delicious too.

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