Friday, July 15, 2011

Standard BBQ

My favorite thing about living in DC is that new restaurants seem to pop up every day. It is my never ending quest to try them all. Standard BBQ just opened a few blocks away so we met friends there for dinner. The menu is short and sweet. No-fuss BBQ deliciousness. I love that. The beer list is similarly short, but the beers on tap are each a good compliment to the food and the heat. The heat. Did I mention that Standard is in the former Garden District space on 14th Street, so there is not really much indoor seating to speak of. It is all patio seating. The patio is covered amply by large umbrellas so we were out of the sun. It was actually the perfect setting to eat delicious BBQ and drink a cold beer.

The BBQ Brisket sandwich is a beautiful thing to behold. Moist and juicy, but not too fatty. I thought it was very tender and full of great flavor. The bun was perfect for the sandwich too because it held together, but wasn't filling. A+
The Pulled Pork Sandwich was another beauty. This one is topped with a crisp coleslaw, which compliments the pork nicely. Mark didn't share much, but what I did get was quite delicious. The side dishes were equally tasty. Hush puppies were crispy and satisfying. I'm no hush puppy expert, but they tasted good to me.
I also really like the fries. Not greasy and just right with the BBQ.
The stand-out for sides is the onion rings for sure. They are thin, light, perfectly cooked and the best compliment to the sandwich. Don't pass up an order of the onion rings if you stop by.
The crowd is very hipster, which is unavoidable in this neighborhood anymore, but if you go over early 5:30-6ish, you should be able to score a table for a fun meal.


  1. That brisket looks ridic. I'm coming to town in November, so we should coordinate with EmGusk about some kind of adventure.