Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Le Timbre in Paris

I admit it. I am probably the luckiest girl in the world. For starters, I have Mark, which is pretty great. On top of that, I got to spend a week in a tiny village in Provence and then 2 days in Paris for vacation. My very sweet and amazing friend Lindsay told me that when in Paris, we had to visit Le Timbre. As luck would have it, the restaurant was right near out hotel so we booked a reservation and head over. It was one of the best meals of my life. We walked into the tiny restaurant and the tables were all pushed so close together that you had it pull out the table to get into your seat. I thought it would be a disaster because we would be so close to our dining neighbors. Turns out, they were a hilarious duo from Washington DC. Where in DC you ask? Logan Circe, only a few blocks from us. We had a blast eating and chatting with them while we enjoyed our amazing meal.

To start, I got the special of the day: Fried pigs head, of course. They basically make this pigs heat terrine that you can slice. The chef took a slice, breaded it and pan fried it, and topped with a crispy and sharp cabbage. It was amazing porktastic heaven. I loved every bite.

Mark got the mushrooms. There is an urban legend in our family that when we went to Disney World, my sister order chicken fingers for every single meal. That was Mark with mushrooms in France. These delicious champingon mushrooms were in season and they were on every menu. Mark ordered them every time we sat down for a meal. He loved them for good reason. They were fantastic.
I then got a deconstructed Rabbit Stew for my entree. It was a light, ground rabbit in a tender and flavorful broth with a sharp cheddar cheese and fresh pasta. It was not what I was expecting. It was better. I was blown away by the delicate flavor of such a gamy animal and I would order this dish again.
Mark got the squab (pigeon for the layman) and he was so proud of his exotic choice. He described very aptly as "like the most delicious dark meat part of a turkey." It was super tender and full of very unique flavor. Not gamy, but a deep dark meat with nice, crisp skin and a great stuffing.
My dessert ruled the school. Poached pears in this super sweet, rich, honey-wine sauce. I almost dies and went to heaven on the spot.
Mark's profiterole wasn't too shabby either. Yum!
Obviously I was super chic and finished my meal with an espresso. In Europe, it makes you feel super cool and European. Back home, an after dinner espresso just doesn't feel right, somehow.
Thanks so Mark for such a great dinner and such a great trip! Also, thanks to Linds for the amazing suggestion!

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  1. in fact not an urban legend but truth. disney world was like another country to me i thought it was very exotic and wanted to stick with what i knew. chicken fingers are completely respectable.

  2. ps looks yummy i am glad you had such a good time and that mark put up with you for a whole week!

  3. i'm so jealous of your lavish lifestyle!