Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Easter Candy Smores

If you, like I, are spoiled rotten by both your own family and your boyfriend's family at all holidays, you might find yourself as the owner of a large amount of Easter candy. This is a delicious problem to have. We grilled last night and the embers were still going strong after dinner was over, so we decided to put them to good use. We made smores using all of our Easter candy. It was so much fun. Fan favorites were chocolate peanut butter eggs and dark chocolate coconut eggs. I know you don't need a recipe for this, but I thought it was a fun idea that you might enjoy. Yum!
Easter Candy Smores
Graham Crackers
Various Easter Chocolates

1. The marshmallow toasting is obviously the most important and individual part.
I will not reveal my technique. Suffice to is far superior to Mark's.Also, this is why my mom usually check's my suitcase before I come back to DC after a visit home. I might be wearing her shirt that I borrow (read: snuck into my bag when she wasn't looking). Sorry mom!
2. Then select your chocolate candy. Here we have a peanut butter egg.
And a coconut egg.
3. Top the graham and chocolate treat with toasted marshmallow.
4. Squish and enjoy!
Did I say enjoy? I meant devour!!
Here's the coconut one. Loooooooved.

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