Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer Vegetable Orzo Salad

Make ahead pasta salad alert!  I made this dish for my sister's bridal shower and I fell in love with it.  It is very easy to make and it is even better if you make it up the night before and let it mingle together all night in the fridge.  Then you can serve it cold or room temperature.  There is no mayo in this salad and nothing to wilt, so it can stand up to a whole afternoon sitting out on your picnic or BBQ buffet table.  Also, it keeps beautifully in the fridge for a few days of leftovers and makes a fantastic lunch.  We needed to carbo-load in a lady like way while we were trying to "stay hydrated" with Summer Sangria at the shower and this was a great way to do it.  Give this a try for your next potluck dinner.  Everyone will love you and you will love how easy and inexpensive it was to make.  This recipe makes a large serving for a group.  You can certainly cut it in half for a single-family serving.  Since it keeps so well (I eat it happily up to a week later) and makes a great vegetarian lunch, I like to make up a large portion and enjoy it for a few days.
Summer Vegetable Orzo Salad
2 zucchinis
2 squash
4 large cloves garlic
1 box orzo
5-6 spring onions
1/4 cup flat leaf parsley
2 lemons
olive oil
salt and pepper

1.  Chop the zucchini and squash into bite-sized pieces.  Coarsely chop the garlic. 
2.  Lay the chopped veggies and garlic on a rimmed pan (I line mine with foil to make even easier clean-up) and toss with about 3 Tbs. olive oil and a generous sprinkle of salt and pepper. 
3.  In a preheated 375 degree oven, roast veggies for 30 minutes until soft and slightly caramelized.
4.  Cook the box of orzo in salted boiling water according to the directions on your box.
5.  Drain the pasta and toss together with the roasted veggies, 1/4 cup of olive oil, and juice from 2 lemons.
6.  Add chopped spring onions and parsley and toss until well mixed. 
You've salted the orzo and veggies already, but take another taste at this point to see if you need more seasoning.  Sprinkle with salt and pepper (only if needed).
7.  You can serve it now, but I put it into a tupperware or large freezer baggie overnight in the fridge and served it room temperature.  Enjoy!
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