Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Blood Orange Salmon

This is a very fun and easy dinner.  Blood oranges are one of those things that make a meal feel special, since you don't cook with them very often.  They have a hint of both sweetness and bitterness to make a very balances flavor with the fatty fish.  If you prefer, you can use half regular orange and half lime juice instead.  Cooking the fish quickly over high heat gives it a nice crust and ensures that you fish stays moist inside and won't overcook.  We are trying to eat more fish, salmon especially and this is a quick and easy way to do just that.

Blood Orange Salmon
2 pieces salmon (about 1/3 lbs. each)
2 small blood oranges
1 Tbs. olive oil
salt and pepper

1.  Squeeze the juice from the blood oranges over the fish and let marinate for 15 minutes.
2.  Sprinkle the salmon with salt and pepper.  Heat oil in a frying pan over medium-high heat.
3.  Add fish (skin side up) and cook for 3-4 minutes per side, depending on the thickness of your fish.
4.  Fish is done when salmon is slightly flaky and will still be slightly darker pink in the middle.
I served it with cous cous and a cucumber salad.

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  1. Finally a CSK update after 2 long weeks! Geesh...it's not like you're planning a wedding or anything important like that. ;)

  2. Oh how I've missed you, CSK.