Thursday, August 29, 2013

Eating Out at Fat Daddy's

Mark and I took a very delightful and relaxing trip to Bethany Beach, DE this past weekend and on our way home we needed to stop along the way for lunch. For anyone who has ever traveled from DC to the beach, you know that once you cross the By Bridge, it really is a series of small, country roads until you get to the ocean. We saw Big Daddy's when we were driving to the beach and knew that it would be on our agednda when we returned home. It is a no frills BBQ joint taht serves some killer brisket, pork and the best beans I've ever eaten.

Eating Out at Fat Daddy's

I ordered the brisket platter with mac and cheese and beans. It was heavenly. Beautifull seasoned meat that was tender and juicy without being fatty. I loved every bite. The beans were amazingly flavorful and unique with pepper and a

Mark ordered the pulled pork sandwich and I never even had the chance to ask for a bit - he ate it so fast.  The mac and cheese was really delicious.  Not greesy with a good balance of cheese to pasta.  The spicy BBQ sauce that they serve on the side was perfection with both meats.

We also had to try the corn pone.  I've never had it before and it was like a cross between a corn bread and a corn pudding.  It was decadent, creamy, and rich with a hint of sweetness.  It was TOO rich for Mark's blood which worked out great.  I ate it all.

If you ever find yourself en route to the beach and hungry, stop by Big Daddy's for some BBQ.  You will not be disapointed.  Note the smile on the man in the photo below.  This level of joy is usually reserved for UNC Basketball or when I tell him I am going out with the girls, thus giving him a night home alone with no honey-do list.  It also happens for food, but rarely, so this is exciting indeed.

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