Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Smores fit for THE King

I love Elvis. This does not embarrass me. When I went to Memphis for work, my parents came along and we loved every second. We took a trip to Graceland (on our break for air from ridiculous amounts of ribs) and it was just as fantastic as I imagined it would be. I am forever trying to make Elvis-themed foods, but no one else is as into it as I am. Sarah and Luis invited us camping in Shenandoah for Labor Day so Mark and I packed up a headed out (well...we had to buy a tent and borrow Kelaine's air mattress first). I googled "gourmet smores" and the first thing I came accross was a make-your-own-smores-bar. One of the proposed Smores was called an Elvis Smore. I knew it would be magical. Bananas, Reeses Cups, grahams and melted mallows. Yeah...this just happened and it was amazing! Note: Smore are best consumed at night, around the fire. Since you can't photograph these beauties at night, I got up and made one for breakfast after eating about 11 for dessert the night before. I was in Elvis Heaven!
Smores Fit for THE King
1 bag large marshmallows
1 box graham crackers
Large Reeses peanut butter cups
3 bananas
1. Build a fire (I did this one all by myself).
2. Set up your graham cracker with a Reeses Cup and thinly slices bananas.
4. Roast your marshmallow (or two) to your own version of perfection and place on top of the graham.
5. Squish and devouer.
6. Repeat as necessary.


  1. This was too yummy. :) Had so much fun! xo

  2. How helpful is this post for your PB&B-loving roommate? Yes, I have short hand for peanut butter and banana. When I passed this link to Alex, his reply was "Done and done." These are obviously happening on our camping trip this weekend.