Tuesday, October 19, 2010

New Haven Pizza

I always feel like the luckiest girl in the world, but sometimes I feel a little bit more lucky than others. When I have a slice of fresh, hot, delicious New Haven pizza in my hands, I get that extra lucky feeling. This stuff was heavenly. I am often a plain, cheese girl but we got the special clam pizza and it changed my life. How did a car-less DC gal get her hands on the real deal? Mark and I took a train/drive up to visit our friends Will and Soumya and their snuggly bundle of joy, Liam. I have watched Liam go from 0-6 months on Will's blog and I couldn't take it anymore. This kid is too cute for words and I needed to see it for myself. Also, pizza and the prospect of hanging out with good friends made the whole trip that much more perfect.
We got this pizza from Modern Pizza. Like I said, the Clams Casino pizza was to die for. Bacon, clams, veggies all on a perfectly balanced white pizza. The salty, briny clams with the bacon was exactly as it should be and the sweet and spicy peppers brought a great balance.
We also got the mushroom pizza with sauce. This was also an excellent choice because the sauce was really fantastic. Mark and I also got a plain cheese for the ride home and I scarfed it down too fast to take a picture.
We also had another treat when we arrived. Will (friend of the blog) made us a delicious and hearty potato and lentil soup in his trusty crock pot. While Will was cagey about this fantastic recipe, I detected whole cumin seeds and (I think) some other curry flavors. I absolutely loved this soup for fall. Maybe we can peer pressure him into sharing the secrets!
Then we headed out to a farm in the Berkshires for apple picking.
I promised Mark that I would make something great with the apples, but then we ate them for a snack a work all week. Pie another time.
Last, but obviously not least, was the star of the weekend. Cutest little man on the eastern seaboard for sure. Liam was also very gracious host. He showed Mark how to button his buttons.
And how to read...
And he gave me pointers for my next knitting project for him.
But Liam's best feature is his sweet smile. He is a very happy baby, thanks to his loving mom and dad. He also had a very healthy sense of trepidation around unseemly strangers like Mark and myself. I think by the end, he warmed up to us. But he did make me sign always all royalties from my never ending photo shoots. Smart kid. I can't wait until he gets that tooth so that I can come up and make him sandwiches.


  1. Great visit! As for the white bean soup, I was simply following the recipefrom the pen of executive chef herself so you'll have to ask her. Pepe's or Modern? Liam can't wait to see you two again.