Monday, November 15, 2010

Lox and Bagles Tray

This isn't a recipe so much as an assembly plan. I leave making bagels up to the professionals for now. I miss the delicious bagels from the Bagel Spot at home, and the only decent offering here in DC can be found at Whatsa Bagel in Bethesda. Normally I don't advocate going to Maryland under any circumstances, but I'm serious about bagels. This is the weekend breakfast that I associate with my grandparents. It is a favorite and standby in my parent's house, and indeed in many other Jewish homes. This is the ultimate in simple, luxury breakfast food. Smoked salmon with cream cheese is perfection. My gmom and pops are fun to hang out with anyway, but tack on a tray of Lox and Bagels and they fly to the top of my visitor list when I am home, no matter how short the visit may be.
Lox and Bagels Tray
Smoked Salmon
1 package Cream Cheese
1 Cucumber
1 head Iceberg Lettuce
2 tomatoes
1 large onion
deli cheese of your choosing (we usually do Swiss, but don't ask me why)
1 dozen bagels (whatever flavors that you like)

I think that it is quite obvious what you need to do. Slice up the veggies, buy the rest, and set it out on a try for everyone to make their sandwiches. Let me advocate for what I love most about this breakfast/lunch.
Smoked salmon is rich and fatty with a beautiful orange/pink color. There are a thousand types of smoked salmon that you can get in tons of price points. You get what you pay for, and since this is the star of the tray, it is nice to splurge on the good stuff. I get my expensive taste from my father.
I am a cucumber gal, so I load my sandwich up with cream cheese and cucumbers along with the salmon and one slice of cheese. I only eat Everything bagels, if I can help it, but I will eat an Onion or a Sesame in an emergency.
Whitefish salad is a controversial addition to this table. Whitefish salad is not my favorite, but the rest of my family love it, so we always get a little tub to put out. If you want to be authentic, pick some up and give it a try. Maybe I am just weird.
My mom loads up her bagel with all the veggies and then she tops it with the good stuff. It was too pretty to miss.

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