Thursday, December 30, 2010

Campari Sparkler for New Years

This is what everyone should be drinking on New Years Eve! It is perfect for a number of reasons. First, I get clementines in my stocking from Santa so I've got a bunch around that I want to use in a productive way. Second, Campari is slightly bitter which means that your friends won't be downing your sparkling wine like water (you know who you are, friends). Then the clementines are very sweet which balances the bitter Campari beautifully. The complexity of this cocktail is really phenomenal and since Prosecco and Campari are both Italian, I imagine that they are a perfect combination. I just loved this drink (when I was doing important CSK mixology research, obviously) and I hope that you love it too!
Campari Sparkler for New Years
1 tsp. Campari
1/4 cup champagne
2 clementine wedges
1. Pour Campari into champagne glass.
2. Fill glass with prosecco.Try not to do it like I do it. I tried to use a champagne flute but I stink at using them so I use my champagne coupes that I bought at the thrift store.
3. Squeeze 1 clementine wedge into the glass and put the other wedge into the glass.
4. Serve up and enjoy.
Repeat as often as needed...