Monday, February 7, 2011

Mark's Old Fashion

In honor of Mark's long lost love and roommate, Ryan, Mark made himself an Old Fashion this weekend to ease the pangs of loneliness. He even made me one too. Mark has become quite the connoisseur of whiskey, scotch, and bourbon these days and he is drinking us into the poor house. I drink $6 bottles of white wine and this guy is buying $70 bottle of scotch. Humph! However, Mr. and Mrs. Layer read in a magazine that shall remain nameless that Evan Williams Whiskey is a very drinkable bottle that costs about $11 retail. When Mark realized this, he got all excited and went straight to the liquor store to test out this theory. While he might not ditch the Macallan any time soon, this is perfect for making whiskey based cocktails. The cute guy in green shirt in the background of the picture is the bartender himself (I need a kitchen that doesn't have mirrors everywhere!). You can adjust if you like you cocktail to be sweeter. This one is not very sweet, but has a nice balance of flavors from the sugar, bitters, and cherry. I am no whiskey girl, but even I had to admit that this was pretty delicious and it even almost made me miss Ryan too.
Mark's Old Fashion
1/2 tsp.
3 dashes bitters
1 splash club soda
2 oz. bourbon
2 cherries

1. Put the sugar in your glass.
Angostura bitters is an alcohol that is used to flavor cocktails. It is potent stuff that has an herbal and very bitter (obviously) taste. Use with caution.
2. Add bitters to the sugar and muddle together with a spoon so that they blend together.
3. Add the soda water and stir again.
4. Add in that infamous Evan Williams...
5. All that's left is adding enough ice to fill your glass and top it off with cherries.
Bottom's up!

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  1. Mmm.. Good Ole' Evan Williams, the surprisingly dependable bastard stepchild of Uncle Jack.