Friday, April 15, 2011

Flowers at the Keukenhof

To brighten up your beautiful Friday, I am giving you a break from food and showing off some beautiful flowers that I spotted in the Netherlands. We had a really great time and one of the highlights was a trip to the Keukenhof gardens just south of Amsterdam. Mark, his mom and dad, and I headed down there for one of the most beautiful mornings that I've ever enjoyed. I kept thinking about how crazy my Gmom would go for the beautiful garden and I can't wait to tell her all about it. Food stories to follow next week...
There are SO many varietals of tulips. I had no idea. There were big ones, small ones, and ones that were juuuust right. I loved them all. Something about these was so delicate and beautiful.
Look at how tall these ones cold get. How do they hold their heads up?
They had tulips with hairy edges, which was super unique. What a great sense of humor this bouquet would bring to a room.
It might be hard to see, but these lemony tulips had an ultra thin outline of red around the border. It was so elegant and delicate.
I love the detail of the yellow fading into purple into pink.
Everywhere we looked, there were so many beautiful flowers. It took my breath away.
The regular daffodils might not be as exciting, but the sheer volume of these beauties was something special too.
The most masterful painter could ave designed something this beautiful, I tell ya!
Of course, I had to sit down for tea at the kiddie table (kinder table?).

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  1. Since I'm better @ growing tulips than cooking chicken of any variety, I appreciated this post :)