Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Grapefruit Honeys

Spring has sprung on Corcoran Street. When Mark has a soccer game after work, my girlfriends come by to celebrate our momentary bachelorette status. This calls for a cocktail. Sarah brought over some Tennessee Honey which we immediately put to good use. The super sour grapefruit juice is a perfect compliment to the rich, velvet honey. It needed some fizz, but we only had tonic (too much strong flavor) so we added champagne instead. I will make a cocktail one of these days that doesn't involve a bottle of champagne...maybe. I like to serve cocktails like this with a bowl of salty pretzels and nuts for contrast. These not-too-sweet beauties will rock your world.
Grapefruit Honeys
1 bottle grapefruit juice
1 cup whiskey, or to taste
1/3 cup honey
1 bottle seltzer water (or champagne if you dare)
1 lemon
mint sprigs
1. In a large large pitcher, bowl, or pot whisk together the grapefruit juice with honey so that the honey is incorporated.
2. Add the whiskey.
3. Crush the mint leaves to release their flavor. You can do this by putting them on a cutting board and rolling over them with a rolling pin. Then add them to the pitcher.
4. Top this off with the fizz.
5. Add ice and a slice of lemon to your glasses and fill them up with the delicious honey drinks and enjoy.

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