Friday, June 17, 2011

Machine Gun Sandwich in Salt Lake City

I headed out west for a work trip last week where I found myself in Salt Lake City, Utah. This was my first trip to Utah and my first trip to any place with real mountains (sorry Poconos). For a mountain novice, I was completely enthralled with the natural beauty of the place. Every time I cross the street, I got a glimpse of snow peaked wonders, jutting up seemily from out of no where. As a girl who grew up in awe of the man-made splendor of the old town streets and homes of Philadelphia and the art exhibits from the museums, I am not used to such sprawling and expansive beauty in nature and I couldn't stop taking pictures of everything in site. The view from my hotel window was even pretty. But enough about natural wonders, let's get to the real reason for this post. After my recent vacation to Brugge, I had to check out the famous Brugge Waffles and Frites in Salt Lake City. The owner is from Brugge and I felt very cool getting to shoot the breeze about his hometown. Oh-so-casually slipping in my love for the canals, food, and people. So, the Machine Gun Sandwich... It was 11am when I rolled into the Brugge Waffles and Frites shop, thinking that I would get a casual lunch of waffles and frites. Was I ever wrong. I saw this option and I never looked back. This sandwich was one of the most impressive thing I have ever seen on a roll.
The frites were crispy, salty, perfection and the sauce was a sharp, mayonaise-based beauty that I couldn't eat fast enough. The ratio of sauce to fries was also perfection. I hate when there is way too much and my fries get soggy.
Did I mention that underneath this mamouth pile of frites there were two, perfectly cooked mergueze sausages? Well, there were.
They were quite spicy, which was a great balance to the fries and the sauce. I deconstructed my sandwich so taht I was eating the fries and sauce and using the roll to eat the sausages. I couldn't have been happier.
And just for good measure, a picture of me with those mountains.