Friday, December 16, 2011

Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Dreidels

Oh Dreidel Dreidel Dreidel, I made it out of...marshmallows. These little beauties are are inspired by a similar recipe from Martha Stewart. The Jewish half of me just couldn't abide the idea that our office holiday party would be a Hanukkah-free event, so I set about to make these little marshmallow dreidels. They are actually super easy to make and it makes a while bunch very quickly so they are a great alternative to cookies if you need to whip something up for a party in a pinch. Martha goes all Martha on us and decorates the dreidels with white chocolate Hebrew letters. I opted for the saner and easier sprinkles. I think everyone still gets the idea. Anyway, these are adorable and delicious and I hope you get a chance to make some for yourself.
Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Dreidels
1 bag large marshmallows
2 bags Hersey kisses
1 bag mini pretzel sticks
sprinkles (or other decorations)

1. Peel the Hersey kisses and melt about 15 in a small bowl in the microwave.
2. Using the melted chocolate as glue, dip one end of the marshmallow into the chocolate and stick the kiss on top.
3. Let them harden in the fridge for about 15 minutes. Then melt the rest of the kisses in the microwave until the choclate is nice and smooth.
4. Stick a pretzel into the end of the marshmallow and dip the kiss-end into chocolate. Place the dreidels on a plastic wrap-lined baking sheet.
5. Sprinkle with decorations or whatever you like and place the tray in the fridge to harder. I left mine overnight, but I'm sure an hour would be fine.
6. Set the finished dreidels on a platter and serve. I think they are just. so. cute.
Update: My friend Lizzie never fails to impress. Look! We made the dreidels too! But we put on the gimmels!

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