Friday, June 29, 2012

Ginger Gin Fizz

My coworker and friend, Bob, came over to watch some of the Euro games last weekend and he didn't come empty handed. He brought all (well...all but the gin) of the ingredients to make a really yummy and unique cocktail. He had it at a wedding and wanted to recreate it. They called it a Seamonkey at the wedding and I hated that name, so I changed it. Honestly, the name of the drink should give some indication of what I am ingesting thank-you-very-much. This cocktail is very easy to make and it is incredibally refreshing. Perfect for a very hot summer day. Also, if you have a rosemary plant or a friend with one, this is a great time to snip off some of those young sprigs. We used them as drink stirers basically and they impart a great depth of flavor. I loved this drink and I can't wait to make it again.  It is going to be HOT this weekend, so kick back with a few of these to beat the heat!
Ginger Gin Fizz
3 parts gin
1 part Rose's Sweeteded Lime Juice
Ginger beer
Rosemary sprig

1.  Fill up a smallish glass with ice and the rosemary sprig.
2.  Add a shot of gin.
3. Add 1/3 shot Rose's Sweeteded Lime Juice.
4.  Fill the rest of the glass with ginger beer (NOT ginger ale).
5.  Stir and guzzle.  Repeat as needed.
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