Monday, September 10, 2012

Mr. & Mrs. Chair Decorations

Disclaimer: Do not eat the contents of this post. It is glue and rope. It will not taste good.

Did I tell you that my sister got married last weekend?  She did!  It was a beautiful wedding, but even more importantly, she is very happy and we all really love her new hubby Ed Mark and I got to take home all of the leftover beer!  For the wedding, my mom and I were set free to craft our little hearts out.  One of those crafts was these super cute chair decorations.  I saw the idea on Green Wedding Shoes, but it was for a more country-chic wedding and it used jute.  I figured that I could class it up for my sister's black & white wedding by using a thick, white rope.  I happened to have just the thing.  Clothesline rope worked out perfectly.  Let me just say that the internet really wants you to make a million crafts for your wedding.  This is quite intimidating.  The best way to fight it is to make sure that what you are making is cheap, disposable, and really does add a little something extra.  Otherwise, why are you doing it?  These chair decorations are exactly that and they were super cute on the big day.
Mr. & Mrs. Chair Decorations (idea from Green Wedding Shoes)
4 oz. bottle Elmers glue
1/2 cup corn starch
1/4 cup warm water
string (white or jute)
1 yard ribbon in any color
2.  Use a piece of wax paper and trace out the "Mr" and "Mrs" with pencil.

2.  Mix together the glue, corn starch and water until it is no longer lumpy.
3.  Add your string and let is soak up all the gloppy glue.  This is messy.
4.  Use the string to trace over the pattern you made on the wax paper and allow it to dry overnight.
 5.  Allow to dry overnight until hardened and remove from wax paper.
 6.  Tie ribbon around ends so that you can attach to a chair.

 7.  Hang on the bride and groom chairs so that they remember that they just got married :)

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  1. I can't eat this, so thumbs down to this post.

    Nevermind, I can eat the paste. Go on!

  2. Very cute, Emily. Can relate to feeling pressured by the internet to do lots of wedding DIY. Bravo to you for making a beautiful craft! <3 Wage

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