Thursday, January 29, 2015

Lizzie's Super Bowl Cupcakes

What is the most fabulous thing ever? Give up? Ok - it's my friend and the artist-formerly-known-as-my-roommate, Lizzie. Every time I reach for my toolbelt and fix a running toilet or patch a kick in the wall, I wish for simpler times when we lived together on Corcoran Street and our greatest worry was which bottle of sparkling wine to drink for with dinner. Rose? Yes please. Lizzie is not only a multiple Emmy award winning television producer, but she is also incredibly creative in the kitchen. She sent me the pictures and accompanying recipe for these cupcakes a LONG time ago, but they are perfectly timely for this weekend. LET'S Go any-team-that-is-not-the-Patriots!!

Lizzie's Super Bowl Cupcakes
24 baking Cups
1 package chocolate cake mix
16 oz. white frosting
green food coloring
24 caramel candies
14 oz. bag shredded coconut
white icing in a tube with a very fine tip

1. Preheat your oven to as directed by your cake mix. Prepare cake mix, spoon into baking cups, and bake following package directions.
2. Tint frosting green
3. Place coconut in a bowl and tint green
4. Once the cupcakes have cooled (about 10-15 mins), frost. Dip frosted cupcakes in the coconut; set aside
5. To make the footballs, line cookie sheet with wax paper so that you don't make a major mess.
6. Shape caramel candies into football shapes
7. Pipe thin lines on top of footballs as the strings (I dipped a toothpick into the icing and drew them on)
8. Let set in the fridge for 10 minutes.
9. Place the football in the coconut grass
Do not spike. Eat!

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