Thursday, July 15, 2010

Spicy Orange-Teriyaki Wings

For a soccer novice like myself, the World Cup final is exciting, but really, the most important part about watching a big sporting event, in my decidedly American mind, is the food. Isn’t the World Cup really just a cooler International Super Bowl without the annoying commercials and geriatric halftime show? I know what this calls for…wings! There is no proper opportunity for wings in the summertime, so I made one up. Rather than the traditional buffalo sauce, I wanted to make this American classic with an international flair. For all my love of Spanish things, I simply couldn’t abide the Spanish Diving Soccer Team, so it was all Orange for me on Sunday. My disappointment was eased slightly by the deliciousness of these sweet and spicy little beauties. Try to think up a good reason to make these wings for yourself.
Spicy Orange-Teriyaki Wings
5 lbs. chicken wings
7.5 oz. bottle of Teriyaki Sauce
2 large navel oranges
4 garlic cloves
2 jalapeƱos
1 tablespoon salt

1. Make the marinade for the wings by juicing and zesting two oranges.
Combining with teriyaki Sauce and salt.
2. Seed, devein, and finely chop the jalapeƱos and roughly chop the garlic. Add them to the mixture.
3. Pour marinade over wings and marinade for 1 hour (up to overnight).
4. To bake the wings, pour the wings and the marinade onto a rimmed baking tray and bake at 425 for 30-40 minutes.
5. Turn on the broiler and allow to crisp up for 10 minutes until golden perfection.
6. Dig in! These won’t last long.

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