Friday, December 9, 2011

Family Dinner at Beawon

We've started something of a post-Thanksgiving tradition in our family where we all meet up with my Poppy's friend Sun and his family the weekend after Thanksgiving for a delicious meal at Beawon. The Hwang family navigates us through the ranks of some seriously delicious Korean food and we stuff ourselves silly. It is always a treat to get together with family and friends and I hope this tradition is one we stick with because it is super delicious!

They set the table with little bowls of side dishes and sauces to compliment the meal. Of course there was kimchi, the famous spicy cabbage dish that is perfectly sour and spiced. Then a mix of pickled vegetables, sauces, and other fantastic dishes that balances the meal quite nicely.
Next, they open up the gas grills on the table and bring out the Bulgogi beef. They set the raw beef that has been marinated in Korean BBQ sauce right on the hot grill and cook it on the table.
Once the beef is cooked, you wrap it in lettuce leaves and devour as fast as you can while giving everyone else a stink eye if they go back for seconds before you get the chance.
The seafood stew is a favorite of my Poppy's and it was as delicious as it was beautiful. The soup comes out in a large pot and is plopped on the grill as well. The raw seafood is added and it cooks in the broth. A whole octopus, crabs, shrimp, tofu, and large hunks of tender fish in a spicy, flavorful broth.
I really loved this dish and couldn't get enough.
After this super spice-fest came a sweet, citrus chicken dish that was a perfect way to follow up the hot soup. The chicken was very tender and the sauce was not cloying, but well balanced sweetness.
To end this amazing meal, they brought out the most beautiful fruit plate I've ever seen. I almost felt bad digging in...almost.
Many thanks to the Hwang family for showing us the ropes at such an amazing meal. I'm looking forward to next year!

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