Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Pop Shop in Collingswood, NJ

For the past few years, whenever I make it back home, I always have to have a meal at The Pop Shop. The little town of Collingswood, NJ has undergone a renaissance in the past decade, revitalizing their downtown area and welcoming lots of the areas best restaurants and shops. One of the first restaurants to make its way to the new strip was The Pop Shop. It is a throwback of sorts to the ice cream/soda shops of the 50s with a huge emphasis on being family friendly. They are famous for their many, many grilled cheese sandwiches, milkshakes, burgers, and fries. After a long drive home from whirlwind 36 hours in Albany, NY to visit Mark's family, we stopped at the Pop Shop and left feeling completely rejuvenated. It can get pretty crowded at this popular spot, so I always suggest opting for a seat at the counter. I can't wait to go home next so I can eat there again...and see my mom and dad, of course.
To start, Mark's brother recommended the crab pretzel. What is a crab pretzel, you might ask? It is a fresh soft pretzel, topped with crab meat, topped with cheese and broiled until bubbling and crisp. As a lover of crabs in their purest form, I usually find crab appetizers to be gimmicky, but this one was chock full of real crab meat and was a really unique treat.
I almost always order the same thing at The Pop Shop, since I love it so much. I get the famous Calvert Street. It is a GIGANTIC grilled cheese with cheddar, turkey, bacon, and avocado. I don't know what they usually serve it on, but I always ask them to make it on sourdough (ups it from a 10 to a 100 on a scale of 1 to 10). This is my perfect comfort food in every way. Contrasting textures and flavors, but homey and filling. I want one right now.
Mark wanted a burger all the way and he built his own like the handyman that he has become in our new house! His burger was perfectly cooked and he loved it.
The fries are also delicious, with a perfect balance of crispy and fluffy inside and just the right amount of salt. I gobbled mine up and my mom gobbled up all my leftovers!
If you ever find yourself in South Jersey, make sure to hit up The Pop Shop. You will not be disappointed.


  1. This place is in Collingswood? I want to go to there! Good find, Emily!

  2. Looks awesome!! I want to go today!