Monday, July 23, 2012

Peach Mule

We are in the home stretch for my little sister's wedding and the blushing bride is all a-twitter with the many, many (...many...) plans and arrangements that need to be made. As her only sister, I am helping her out as best I can from the safety that the Philly-DC distance provides. Even so, sweet thing that she is, my sister gave me a really fun gift at her shower to show her thanks. I didn't tell her that my mom really did most of the work. I still enjoyed my gift guilt-free! She gave the all of the ingredients to make a fun new cocktail. It is called a Peach Mule and she had one while she was on a ski vacation. She loved it so much that she bought the freshly made peach vodka right on the spot and brought it back for moi. Yum!
Peach Mule
1 shot Peach Vodka
1/3 shot ginger simple syrup
1/4 lime
mint leaves
Ginger Beer

To make ginger syrup, boil 1/2 cup water with 1/2 cup sugar and 2 Tbs. fresh chopped ginger. Boil for 30 minutes until thickened. Cool and store in the fridge.
1. Add peach vodka and ginger syrup to a highball glass that is full of ice.  Squeeze in the lime and add mint leaves.  Stir everything together.
2.  Top the glass with ginger beer.
3.  Enjoy!  Repeat as needed.

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  1. that sounds good, i looove peach cocktails!! i am coming home for the wedding...can't wait to see all of you! :)

  2. Yeah!! We are looking forward to seeing you. Less than one month away...