Monday, October 15, 2012

Eating Out in Scottsdale

Scottsdale is HOT.  So so so so hot.  I had a work trip out there and I tried as best I could to get off the conference center property to get a real sense of the food in the area.  You can take the girl off the East Coast, but you can't take the East Coast out of the girl.  I took public transportation, I walked (although they don't really have many sidewalks), and I sweat.  I sweat a lot.  I did enjoy some good food, that I could reach from the bus and nearby the hotel.  Here goes.  
Eating Out in Scottsdale
Chloe's Corner
My first meal was a really tasty lunch at Chole's Corner.  This little spot is tucked into a strip mall (but from what I saw about Scottsdale, everything is in a strip mall!) with lots of shopping around.  They have salads, sandwiches, and great iced tea.  I got the Corner Chop and it was fantastic.
Since it was so close to the hotel, I also got the Greek Salad another day and it was also delicious.

This was a great bar and restaurant from the Fox restaurant group.  They have a number of places in the Phoenix/Scottsdale area so I wanted to give them a try.  Remember how I said that it was HOT in the dessert?  Well everyone keeps saying that "it's a dry heat" like that makes 103 degrees in October OK.  But they also have these misters everywhere.  They dust you with a light mist to cool you off while walking around.  I went from love to hate and back to love again.      
At North, I got the daily special of Panchetta and Roasted Onion Pizza.  It was thin crust, tasty sauce and great toppings.  I really loved this pizza and if I had more time, I would have gone back to try some other dishes.

Perk Eatery
My final meal in the Southwest, was the best.  Breakfast at Perk Eatery located guessed it...a strip mall.  I walked over for breakfast the last day and I was not disappointed.
I got the Huevos Rancheros and it was so amazing.  My perfect breakfast.
It also came with Rosemary Roasted Breakfast Potatoes.  They were crisp outside and fluffy inside and perfectly seasoned.
The Huevos Rancheros has chorizo and black beans inside with a smooth sauce on top that was spicy and the perfect balance.  I loved it and will go back if I am ever in the area again.

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