Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Eating Out on the Eastern Shore - Two Tree Restaurant

We celebrate an entire week of Thomas Family Fun time every year at the Eastern Shore, in Chestertown, MD. This week is a wonderful time of togetherness and coming to the realization that 1 of 52 weeks spent together is more than enough. Juuust kidding, family. We always have a blast fishing, eating crabs, and relaxing in the sunshine. There was one night when it was just my parents and I, so we treated ourselves to a night on the town. Two Tree Restaurant is a small, local place that serves some of the freshest and most delicious seafood on the Eastern Shore. We'd never been before, but I can't wait to make it an annual pilgrimage. Two Tree is located in the tiny town of Millington, MD and if you ever happen to find yourself in the area, make sure to stop by.  You will love it!

Eating Out on the Eastern Shore - Two Tree Restaurant
First up was the appetizers.  I got Fried Oysters with sweet dijon-horseradish cream. The oysters were fried to crispy perfection. Still creamy and fresh inside and the dipping sauce was sharp and well balanced to compliment the oysters.
Next we had crab imperial stuffed mushrooms.  Crab Imperial is an Eastern Shore staple.  It is incredibly rich and creamy and loaded with crabby goodness.  The mushroom was a fantastic vehicle for the rich appetizer.  It added an earthy component and didn't compete with the crab.  We all loved it.
For my dinner, I had a rockfish fillet that was pan-roasted with tomatoes and shallots and topped with lump crab butter. One word: decadent. The fish was perfectly cooked and the portion was exactly what I wanted to be fully satisfied, but not stuffed.
My parents shared the seafood platter, which came with lobster, shrimp, scallops, and rockfish.  All beautifully cooked and delicious.  The presentation was a total WOW.
For dessert, mom got the double chocolate and caramel brownie, of course.  It was not-too-sweet and totally sensational if you love chocolate as much as my mom!
My dessert was chili-praline ice cream, made in-house.  I LOVED it!  LOVED it!  The subtle hint of heat with the crunchy praline was heavenly.  The only sad part was that I wish Mark could have been there to enjoy it too.  Oh I don't.  He would have hogged it all!
And no family trip would be complete without my becoming needlessly exasperated with my dad for he inability to work a new-fangled digital camera. 

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