Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Grapefruit and Basil Hendricks and Tonic

This drink is refreshing with a capital R.  Mark and I both love G and T's so much that they were the only cocktail that we served at our wedding.  We love the simplicity of the classic cocktail and how crisp and perfect it is for summer.  We served our Hendricks G and T's at the wedding with a simple cucumber slice, but here we dress it up ever so slightly more with a slice of grapefruit and a piece of basil.  The grapefruits acidity and slight bitterness bring out all of the aromatics in the gin and the peppery basil accompany those flavors perfectly.  We loved this simple cocktail and we will make it over and over again this summer.  Hope you enjoy too!
Grapefruit and Basil Hendricks and Tonic
1 shot Hendricks gin
1/4 cup tonic
1 slice grapefruit
2 basil leaves
handful of ice
1.  Slice grapefruit into generous wedges.
2.  Add gin and tonic to a glass.
3.  Add grapefruit, basil leaf and ice.
Stir and enjoy (please note the unruly tomato plants behind me...we will be seeing many, MANY tomato recipes soon)!
Repeat as necessary...especially with your super cute, new hubby!

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  1. I will never enjoy this beverage, but I can enjoy these photos. Except the last one.