Monday, November 19, 2012

Thanksgiving Mega-Post

Ok, so I figure everyone who procrastinated about what to make for Thanksgiving appetizers, sides, and dessert is starting to panic right about now.  Never fear.  Here is a list of delicious, Thanksgiving-approved dishes that will be perfect for your Thanksgiving table!  Now go get 'em!  Report back to me with your success stories and/or stories of epic horror!

Herb-Butter Rubbed Roasted Turkey
Starchy Sides:
Vegetables Sides:
Easy Appetizers:
Death by Chocolate (a great pie alternative for Chocolate lovers)
I like to keep things simple and stick with a dry white wine with Thanksgiving turkey.  Keeps me perky and happy through the whole ordeal.  Look for a Sauvignon Blanc if you are feeling normal and a Vionger or Gewurztraminer if you are feeling feisty.  Also, a semi-bubbly Vinho Verde is always a nice option with appetizers to get your taste buds all ready for the feast.
Most importantly...try to have fun!

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